New Mexico Yoga, Balloon Festival and Wellness Retreat

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Rainbows of Healing is partnering with Dragonfly Yoga Retreats, and we are very excited to announce our first Yoga, Balloon Festival and Wellness Retreat in Albuquerque, New Mexico!!!

This retreat is filled with amazing experiences and whole body/mind wellness events. First, our group will be attending the Albuquerque International Balloon Festival during our stay!  Second, we’ll have daily yoga classes with Dragonfly Yoga Studio along with two wellness workshops, and a Flute Yoga Class with us! And finally, we’ll be staying at one of the premier resorts in the country — the beautiful Hyatt Tamaya, which is surrounded by the Sandia Mountains! This retreat package truly has something for everyone and it’s also family friendly. Come experience the beauty, fun and relaxation of one the country’s most enchanting places.


October 6-10, 2013


  • Five days and four nights at the Hyatt Tamaya
  • Daily yoga classes
  • 2 workshops with Val and Ian of Rainbows Of Healing
  • $50 per day per room credit to food and drink purchases at the resort
  • Special reservations Wednesday morning in the Gondola Club at the Balloon Festival for the Flight of The Nations event (includes food, drinks, special bathroom access and more)
  • Special reservations Sunday evening in the Chasers Club at the Balloon Festival, including food, bands, balloons, fireworks and more
  • Transportation to the Balloon Festival from the resort
  • Resort amenities include pools, bike rentals, hiking trails, whirlpools, campfires, horseback riding (additional cost), special events and more
  • Access to the fabulous restaurants and bars at the resort and one of the top rated spas in the country (rated by Conde Nast)
  • Centrally located just a short drive from Albuquerque AND Santa Fe
  • Private places for reflection and meditation throughout the resort

Reserve Your Spot:

1 Person ~ Price: $1,778

2 Persons ~ Price: $1,998

3 Persons~ Price: $2,248

4 Persons ~ Price: $2,478

**Additional nights available upon request. Contact us for details.
**Additional registration required for Ballooon Festival Events.

*All prices include taxes and fees. Transportation, including airfare is NOT included, unless otherwise noted.
*Read our Terms & Conditions

More Information or to register:

Check out the link for the Retreat HERE

or Call Alexis from Dragonfly Yoga Studio at 215.622.4612

Community Drum Circle

A community is a special thing. We are lucky to have so many people in this area that share the same interests and goals – come out and meet them! It is our hope to strengthen the bonds that unite us in this area. Please join us for an open drum circle where we will make music and have FUN!
Please bring ANY instruments you have – drums, rattles, flutes, didges, etc. If you don’t have a drum – even more reason to come! There will be plenty of instruments to share.
No reservations required – Hope to see you there! Children of any age are welcome, cherished, and loved – please bring them so they can participate!!
There is no charge for this event. Feel free to bring a snack to share and donations to the Peace Center are appreciated for use of the space

Reiki Level 1 Class

THIS CLASS IS FULL – Please register for January 11th below.
Date: Sunday, November 3rd

Time: 10 am – 4 pm
Location: Rainbows of Healing

Learn the amazing power of Reiki! This certification qualifies you to work with clients, friends, family and especially YOURSELF!
Students explore energy from a practical and spiritual perspective with discussion, guidance, meditation, and hands-on practice. Receive a Reiki attunement from Valarie and Ian. Support, manual, and framed certificate all included.

$150 investment
Class is limited to 6 students

Preregistration is REQUIRED at least one week before.

Sound Journeying Through the Chakras



“Sound structures energy fields and brings the physical into existence.”

Come on a transformational journey through the 7 wheels of consciousness! After an overview of the Chakra System and Sound Healing, we’ll move through the 7 Chakras from root to crown in a guided meditation, learning experientially through sound about these spinning ‘wheels of light’ and their very practical application to our lives. Feel the soundscape of Crystal Singing Bowls, Native American Flutes, Gongs, Himalayan Bowls, Monochords, and other sound healing instruments re-frequencing each chakra while finding your own unique, dynamic balance.  This is a unique and very powerful experience you don’t want to miss!!

Please wear comfortable clothing.  You will be lying down for the journey,  please bring your own yoga mat, blankets, and/or pillow for your comfort.  A journal notebook and a eye covering are encouraged.

Pre-registration required for this special event.
Space is limited and this events sells out quick – don’t wait to register!

$25 for one person or 2 for $40



Healing with Sound

Date: TBA Spring – 2014
School of Body Therapies
760 Woodbourne Road
Langhorne, PA 19047
(215) 493-4343

Open yourself to the power of sound!  In this interactive class, you’ll learn about how sound can heal, and discover easy, effective ways you can use sound for yourself and client’s well being. Ian Haag will include introduction in the utilization of Pure Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Himalayan Singing Bowls and Bells, Native American Flute, Drums, Rattles, Tuning Forks, Gongs, and a myriad of other traditional and contemporary instruments used in sound therapies worldwide today.  This class also includes practice application, hands on learning, as well as a Meditative Sound Journey to experience.  Sound Healing tools will be available for order or purchase that day.

$135 + text 

Pre-Registration is required through contacting the school directly at (215) 493-4343

Instructed by Ian Haag


Saturday December 5th 10am -3 pm
To our Annual Open House
Bring your family and friends!

~ Special holiday SALE pricing!
~ A surprise gift with each purchase
~ Pick up Gift Certificates – Take advantage of our Holiday Special!
~ Get a Raffle ticket just for stopping in!
A 1-hr Gift Certificate to the lucky winner!
~ ALL NEW items in! Beautiful gift ideas!
~ Holiday refreshmentsLooking for some unique gifts? Need some great stocking stuffers?
We have something for that someone special in all price ranges – Many under $5!Our boutique offers a handpicked selection of:

  • Unique Healing Crystals – Points, Spheres, Tumbled and more!
  • Hand-made Jewelry by Valarie & Ian
  • Beautiful Crystal, Stone and Metaphysical Pendants and Earrings
  • Rose quartz, Salt, and Selenite Lamps
  • Huge selection of Native American Flutes
  • Tibetan & Crystal Singing Bowls
  • Frame Drums in many sizes
  • Incense, Sage, Sweet Grass, and Smudge Sticks
  • Rune Sets
  • Meditation and Reiki CDs
  • Natural Perfume oils
  • Pendulums

123 W. Maple Ave. Langhorne, PA 19047

Root Chakra ~ Hematite Journey

Date: Friday, January 10th
Time: 7:30 – 9 pm
Location: Yoga Love
10 N. Main Street – 3rd Floor
Yardley, PA 19067

What better way to begin the New Year, then to release and ground?!  The first stop on our Crystal Journey is the Root Chakra, which is associated with our survival, security, and ability to be grounded. Discover the foundation of your temple and find your anchor.  Journey with a beautiful, huge, raw Hematite Stone – which is included in the registration!  We begin with teachings about the Root Center and the mineral Hematite, followed by the guided journey full of beautiful and healing sounds all in the note of C, such as Crystal Singing bowls, Native Flutes, Bells, and much more.

Please wear comfortable clothing. There will be limited yoga mats, blankets, or pillows available for use – so please bring what ever comforts for the floor you will need.  A journal notebook and a eye cover are encouraged.
Pre-registration required for this special event. Space is limited and this event is expected to sell out quick – don’t wait to register!

$25  per person or 2 people for $45 ~ Pre-Registration REQUIREDRoot Chakra Tree






You can choose to take this as a single journey in our 7 Part Crystal Journeying Series, or take part in any that your would like offered each 2nd Friday – going all the through the chakras to the Crown Chakra, ending in July.  There is a discount for pre-registering to attend all 7 for only $150 (get one Journey free!)


Crystal Journeying through the Chakras: A 7-part Meditative Monthly Intensive

Dates: 3rd FRIDAY from September 2016 to March 2017
Time: 7:30 – 9 pm
Location: Yoga Love
10 N. Main Street Yardley, PA 19067

This 7-part series was designed for those who wish to deepen their spiritual path through the practice of activating, opening, and unblocking their chakras with the power of vibrational sound, while learning more about how they can integrate crystals in healing.
Beginning with the Root and moving up to the Crown Chakra, each Friday we will journey with a beautiful crystal suited to that particular energy center. We will use the healing power of crystal singing bowls, Himalayan bowls, gongs, Native American flutes, Monochords, and more to bring you to a place of deep meditation and healing.

Ian Flute Crystal JourneyVal Crystal Journey

You can choose to take the entire 7 Part Crystal Journeying Series, or take part in any that your would like offered each month – going all the through the chakras to the Crown Chakra, ending in July. There is a discount for pre-registering for all 7 for only $150 (get one Journey free!)

The schedule is as follows:

Friday, September 16th: Discover the foundation of your temple and ways to find your anchor.
Root Chakra: Hematite

Friday, October 21st: Dive into the waters and emotions freeing the flow of dynamic energy that is essential for transformation.
Sacral Chakra: Orange Calcite

Friday, November 18th: Dissolve the illusion of separateness and the needs of the ego.
Solar Plexus Chakra: Pyrite

Friday, December 16th: Open your heart to give and receive love, and feel a sense of wholeness with others and ourselves.
Heart Chakra : Rose Quartz

Friday, January 20th: Allow your voice to be your truth.
Throat Chakra : Sodalite

Friday, February 17th : In peeling away our illusions and external perceptions, we open up to our psychic abilities.
Third eye Chakra: Fluorite

Friday, March 17th: We close with the bridge to remembering that the Divine exists in us and in all things.
Crown Chakra : Amethyst

Each of the 7 crystals that we use are included in the price of the workshop and are yours to keep!!! And they are not small tumbled stones, but larger palm pieces, so at the end of this wonderful workshop you will have a beautiful and complete set of chakra crystals! Revitalize yourself from within and live your highest potential – journey through your chakras and connect with the healing power and messages of the mineral kingdom!

Crystal Meditation

Please wear comfortable clothing. A journal notebook and an eye cover are encouraged.
Please bring along what comforts (such as a yoga mat, blanket, and pillow) you will need for the floor.

Presented by Valarie & Ian Haag
Space is strictly limited to 25 participants.
All registrations include the Crystal for the Journey – Pre-Registration REQUIRED
Single Journey Registration Fee: $25 or $45 for 2 – Register above for each one!

Package of all 7 journeys including crystals ONLY $150 (GET ONE FREE!):
purple register now

Please note * if you miss a class, we welcome you making it up at the next Series offering!!


What participants are saying…..Thank you to all those that offered a Testimonial for past Series!

The thought that goes through my head during a session with Val & Ian is “these two really know what they’re doing”! Between the chakra, crystal, & instrument education and the guided meditation with sound, the session is everything you want it to be! Then you are sent on your way with a perfect crystal specimen! Val & Ian exude such harmony and are well suited to practice their chosen modalities.

I really loved this spiritual journey-the crystals, meditation and sound vibrations. I thought Val and Ian were authentic grounded people, which surely had an impact on the outcome of the experience. I would love to take this class again sometime, Thanks. Rhoda

Val and Ian I love being around you both. Your energy and love is just beautiful. looking to see you guys shortly. Love from my heart. Helene Lyons

I am so grateful to have experienced the 7- Part Chakra Journey. It has made my life so much more peaceful and relaxing. I am also happy that my husband experienced a few journeys with me. It has made us closer.

I was told by a friend before I started the series that I would love working with Val and Ian, and she was 110% correct. The experience they create with their unique gifts allows for profound insights and healing on so many levels. I am so very grateful I gave myself the gift of the whole series.

This was an awesome experience, the journey took me to places that I didn’t know existed in my own life.

Upon entering the studio for our first in the series of meditations for the Crystal Journeying through the Chakras, it was readily apparent to me that Val and Ian have incredible gifts to share with the world. Their beautiful bond as partners is enhanced by their deep and thorough connection to the musical instruments and the crystals that surrounded them both. I have meditated for a long time, yet the magic that happens with Val’s beautifully crafted guided meditations and Ian’s immense gifts for the musical instruments that create sounds to carry us all deeply within to our own Spirit selves is truly a one of a kind experience. Except you get to experience this for all of the seven chakras! Their profound knowledge of the various crystals was a way for us to deepen our own knowledge, as we all received our own crystals for all of the seven chakras! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! May you know ease and grace as you continue to be Lightworkers guiding us all to find our own Divine Spark within!

Overall, this was an awesome ritual and a great way for me to honor me.

I would definately reccommend this series classes. I have definately felt a difference and a “balance” in my being. I know before the class a few of my chakras were blocked and my pendulum now says otherwise. My personal healing journey continues and it is a wonderful feeling!!!

My experience with this journey has helped me to feel better about myself and the ability to cope with things in my life in a more positive way. Thank You!!!!

This has been an amazing experience and was able to do the series with my husband. Individually great healing and openings have occurred , but also on a partnership level we have encountered blockages and moved thru them . Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for spiritual growth. I would like to do to the series again!


Intro to Healing with Crystals and Gemstones

Date: Sunday, March 2, 2014
Time: 9 am – 5 pm

School of Body Therapies
760 Woodbourne Road
Langhorne, PA 19047
(215) 741-3888

Do you want to develop your connection to crystals?  Do you want to learn how to use them in healing for yourself and others? This in-depth class is open to anyone from beginner to practitioner!  Receive 8 Continuing Education Credits if you need them!

The proper use of crystals and gemstones can bring about spiritual, physical and emotional healing. Used for centuries in the healing communities, these stones bring profound benefits to the individual life force that sustains the physical body.  Learn how to utilize the healing properties and use them to enhance your healing techniques.

This class includes teachings on:

~ Selecting, Cleansing and Charging Crystals

~ Using Crystals in Meditation

~ Creating a Sacred Space for Healing

~ Specific stones for healing

~ Varieties and formations of Clear Quartz

~ and SO much more!

Crystals and Gemstones, Chakra Crystal sets, Pendulums and more will be available for purchase.

$150 + text  (This class has 8 CE hours available)  This is the pre-requeset to Advanced Crystal Healing offered in  2014!

Pre-Registration is required through contacting Kathy at the school directly – (215) 741-3888

Instructed by Valarie Haag

Empowered Yoga & Sound Healing Workshop

chakra20imageDate: TBA
Empowered Yoga ~ WIlmington Center
2000 Pennsylvania Ave Suite 208
Wilmington, DE 19806

Join us for this Special Event! Combine the beautiful flow of breath and movement in an all levels Vinyasa yoga class led by Diana Hoscheit and accompanied by Ian Haag’s soulful eloquence and passion on the Native American flute. Immerse yourself deep in your practice, as your body and spirit are soothed in this relaxing flow. The experience carries messages of harmony, peace and personal empowerment that will move you and expand you. The class will end with a special Sound Journey through the 7 wheels of consciousness! Move through the 7 Chakras from root to crown in a guided meditation, learning experientially through sound about these spinning ‘wheels of light’ and their very practical application to our lives. Feel the soundscape of crystal singing bowls, Gongs, Monochords, Native American flutes and other sound healing instruments re-frequencing each chakra while finding your own unique, dynamic balance. Pre-registration is recommended.

Tuition: $30.00 pre-registration / $35.00 day of event

Pre-registration is recommended.

SIGN UP NOW through Empowered Yoga

dianabioDiana Hoscheit is the director of Empowered Yoga. Registered with Yoga Alliance as an Experienced Yoga Teacher, she is passionate about sharing the transformative power of yoga with students of all levels and abilities.