Co-creating Heaven on Earth with The Angel Raphael

Hosted by Rainbows of Healing

Experience the love, vibration and power of the Angel Raphael as Kelly Kolodney channels this entity of the highest consciousness to open your heart and align your awareness with your part in the divine blueprint to co-create heaven on earth.

The Angel Raphael will attune your heart to recognize and feel the love that resides in every aspect of your life to help you transmute pain into joy and doubt into rightful action. The Angel Raphael’s messages and vibration will leave you feeling connected to source, with clear purpose and renewed passion for life.

Raphael is guaranteed to…Open your heart, make you laugh, make you cry, shed light on your past, get you centered in the present, bring you into the flow, and help you create the joy and abundance you deserve in your life!

When you attend this group session, the Angel Raphael answers questions of audience members with specific messages that help them to realize their responsibility to bring love into every aspect of their life. The answers are specific enough to be very helpful to the individual but general enough to be engaging and pertinent to everyone in the room.


Kelly Kolodney Kelly Sheehy Kolodney has brought the vibration and message of the angel Raphael to thousands of people over the past 23 years. Through her unique gift of channeling, she has helped many people discover their life’s purpose and address the challenges that hold them back from achieving it. This process has enabled many people to break free of their old patterns and to create the abundance and joy they deserve. Her work has been documented in the book the Healing Consciousness by Dr. Beth Dupree. Additional information about Kelly’s work with the Angel Raphael along with free channeled messages can be found on her website


Pre-registeration is required for this limited seating!

Abundance exchange ~ $35 per person or $60 for 2!