May’s Bucks County Reiki Share & “Essential Oils for Wellness” Workshop

May 19, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
The Peace Center
102 West Maple Avenue
Langhorne, PA 19047
By Donation or FREE
Valarie & Ian Haag

rEIKI sHARE CIRCleThis is a great opportunity to meet and share your experiences with other Reiki practitioners in the area, and use your Reiki! Please feel free to invite any other Reiki Practitioners you know that are attuned to Level I and beyond. There is no charge for this sharing of energy; although donations are suggested for the Peace Center and snacks to share are always welcome. Please feel free to bring friends and family whom are not attuned, but would like to receive or experience Reiki.



JOIN US BEFORE AND/OR AFTER the Reiki Share each month!


This month:

12-1:30 pm
“Essential Oils for Wellness” Workshop

Join us for an educational and fun-filled workshop with an expert on all things essential oils! Liza will help you dive into the world of oils. Essential oils are considered to be the leading edge of natural healing. They have been used throughout history as medicine, for beauty, and to ease, depression, and stress. Therapeutic grade essential oils can enhance your health and wellbeing. This workshop will expand your library of essential oil knowledge so that you can go beyond the basics. Learn how to layer essential oils, safety tips, how to make teas, and how to cook with essential oils. Making a small change, like working with essential oils, can make a huge difference in your day-to-day life. Come join us to learn more about how Essential Oils can benefit you!



Presented by Liza Beasley

Liza Beasley is a Wisdom of the Earth Teacher/MD Master Distributor, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, RN. Liza lives and works in Bucks County and has a long career in allopathic nursing. She worked as an emergency room nurse (C.E.N.) for 20 years and as a medical surgical nurse for 2 years. For 7 years she has cared for severely ill patients in hospice & home care. She now continues to work with clients privately using pure plant essences, diet, reiki and yoga to help all people have a better quality of life.  During her nursing career Liza has helped many people; however, her Level I class with Wisdom of the Earth was what connected her with the plants and trees on a heart level, changing her life and her work with her patients. The WOTE  essences have been by her side ever since in everything she does. She loves to bring them with her and incorporates them into her work and her personal daily life.
She also incorporates holistic practices as a powerful way to help prevent illness and restore good health. For more than 10 years, Liza has worked with essences.  She is trained and certified through Wisdom of the Earth, and has received extensive training with ISHA, building upon a ten year foundation of personal study. She often incorporates essential oils into both Reiki treatments and yoga classes as a way to enhance the experience. She is also AAAI certified in meditation and uses essences in meditation. You can contact Liza by email at, Facebook, or by phone at 267-688-6227.