Medicine Drum Making Workshop & Sweat Lodge

August 9, 2014 @ 2:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Barnaby Ruhe's Farm
4926 South 5th Street
Emmaus, PA 18049
$185 (Pre-registration and a deposit is REQUIRED by July 22nd to purchase supplies)

Underside-drumThis workshop offers you an intimate connection with the Sweat Lodge Ceremony and the opportunity to birth your own Medicine Drum. The beat of the drum is the heartbeat of Mother Earth, and connects us to our own heart. Making a drum is really a transformational journey into our hearts. Through the sacred ceremony of the medicine lodge, song, and prayer you will create your own frame drum and accompanying drum stick and connect with and dedicate your medicine item in a sacred way.

The drum is a part of native heritage from tribal cultures all over the world. This single sided shaman drum is a traditional native drum crafted using a Maple wooden hoop or frame and a stretched Elk rawhide head and lacing. Covered on only one side, the back is laced to form the symbol of a medicine wheel with the four cardinal directions that also serve as a hand hold. Great for drumming circles and meditation!

Lodge picWe begin with a Drum Journey Meditation to connect to the Heartbeat of the drum and your hide and frame.  We start the day with sweats, then begin the process of creating our drum and drum sticks.  You will be taught the care and feeding of your drum, as well as how to use them in healing and cleansing ceremonies. We will sing songs and tell stories throughout the day. After creating the drum, we’ll celebrate its birth with a special ceremony. Birthing a drum is an intense process, one not easily forgotten. The drum face can later be painted with your Animal Totem or designs.

Cost & Materials:  $185 Registration includes all materials for a drum and drum stick.  Pre-registration and a deposit is REQUIRED by July 22nd to purchase supplies – please click the registration button. This event is limited to 20 people to keep it’s intimacy, so space is limited.

Drum Making

If you have some special beads or feathers which you’d like to decorate your drum you may also bring them.  Any other materials or items that you are inspired to bring please do.  You will also have the opportunity to adorn and personalize your frame before stretching the hide over it, so you can bring items to decorate it too if you wish.  Please bring drinks/snacks and a lunch.



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