KIDS Drum Building Workshop

Kids are instinctive drummers! Who hasn’t seen their little one pounding away on the table with whatever implement they can get their hands on?  Drumming is an excellent way to connect kids to their heart beat and the heart beat of Mother Earth.  It brings them back to the comforting sound of being in the womb.  It provides grounding, centering, and a wonderful release of stress, anger, and frustration.  In this class parents will participate in a shared learning experience with their children, making a drum that your child can use and connect with throughout their life.

This single sided drum is a traditional native drum crafted using a wooden frame and a stretched rawhide head and lacing. Covered on only one side, the back is laced to form the symbol of a medicine wheel with the four cardinal directions that also serve as a hand hold. It is light and the perfect size for little hands.

In this workshop they will be supplied everything they need to create their own frame drum and accompanying beater. We will begin with group drumming and singing to connect and allow the kids to express themselves, and then start the process of creating our drums and beaters.  After creating the drum, we’ll celebrate its birth with a special ceremony.  The drum face can later be painted with designs or anything your child likes.

$88 Registration includes all materials for a 10″ diameter drum and beater ($65 value).
All other materials will be provided and are included in the price of the workshop.

Open to children ages 8-12.
It is requested that one adult for every child be present to assist in the drum making.

Class is limited to 10 students only. $50 deposit and early registration is required by
March 15th for this class so that supplies can be purchased.

Presented by Valarie and Ian Haag of Rainbows of Healing

Kids Drum Building Class 3-30-13