Monthly Bucks County Reiki Share Circle

Spread and share your loving, healing light!

THE NEXT REIKI SHARE IS Sunday, September 17th

Join us ongoing the 3rd Sunday of each month!
At The Peace Center 102 W. Maple Ave. Langhorne, PA 19047

Hosted by Valarie & Ian Haag, Usui Reiki Masters

This event is open to ALL and is no charge or by love donation ♥

Join us before and after the Share for different monthly offerings!
This month:

12-1:30 pm
“Circle of Compassion”
Join Jody Dougherty for a special opportunity to connect our community together in compassion. We will begin with a meditation in which each one in the circle consciously connects with the universal vibration of compassion in their own vehicle. It is through this conscious connection with the divine vibration of compassion that each one comes into the space of compassion and helps to form the Circle of Compassion with the larger group. Following the meditation, as everyone’s hearts are joined together in the space of compassion, is the opportunity to place that which is in need of compassion into the circle. This is done by each one simply and clearly stating aloud, in the sacred space that is being held, that which they place into the Circle of Compassion. This aspect of the circle unfolds in three distinct waves. The first wave of compassion is for ourselves. The second wave of compassion is for our loved ones and those close to us and our immediate communities. The third wave of compassion, the final wave, is for the greater whole of humanity and our planet. This is the opportunity for each one to call into the circle the larger communities and situations across the globe that are in need of compassion. There is great need for compassion on all levels at this time – connect with us in this offering before the Share and let’s grow compassion!

About the Facilitator: Jody Dougherty RRT is owner of Traditional Healings in Newtown Sq, PA. She began her career in Western Medicine and has taken that knowledge in combination with Eastern Medicines to establish her healing practices. Her goal is to be the bridge connecting each individual to the possibilities of who they truly are by aiding in removal of stuck or interfering energies that block them. To create these possibilities she incorporates Spiritual Response Technique, Giving Freedom, ReDivination, Crystal Healing, Egg and Plant Limpias and from our Mother Earth, Wind of Great Sprit. She is also devoted to facilitating Yin Yoga and Journey Dance, connecting to possibility through the body by meeting each person where they are in this moment. Through her work in Gift of the Body, exploring the energetic layers of the fields, she has committed to connection to compassion through the heart and is offering these free Circles of Compassion. For more information she can be found at


There is no charge for this event. Feel free to bring a snack to share and donations to the Peace Center are appreciated for use of the space. If you have a Reiki Table please bring it!


If you have any questions, or would like to be added to our Reiki E-mail list for upcoming share dates – please contact us:
(267) 840-8003

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