Monthly Bucks County Reiki Share Circle

Spread and share your loving, healing light!

THE NEXT REIKI SHARE IS Sunday, December 15th

Join us ongoing the 3rd Sunday of each month!
At The Peace Center 102 W. Maple Ave. Langhorne, PA 19047

Hosted by Valarie & Ian Haag, Usui Reiki Masters

2-4 pm Reiki Share
This Share is a perfect way to connect with area Reiki Practitioners and have an opportunity to practice and receive Reiki! If you are not attuned you are welcome to attend, receive a treatment, and be part of this amazing and beautiful community!

This month:

12-1:30 pm
“Give-Away Ceremony”


You are invited to participate in a Native American tradition known as the Give-Away Ceremony. A give-away is not about giving away something that you no longer have use for, or passing along a gift someone else gave you for which you had no use anyway. Instead, it’s about passing along an object that represents something significant about you, and in turn when you give it to someone else, you’re passing along that significance—and that blessing—to them. Not with the thought of having strings attached to the gift or having regrets from having given the gift but to sacrifice something important to ourselves in order to allow for personal growth in the future. When you consciously participate in this type of ceremony with Earth’s seasonal holidays, the act of such giving isn’t only a relinquishment, it becomes a metaphor for the release or death of the old season. The act of receiving something new in your life is a metaphor for opening yourself to whatever the next cycle brings, to a rebirth or new beginning. If you are intrested in participating, we ask that you bring your object wrapped up, it should be one that has personal meaning, this object will have a story that goes with it, one that says something about you. Please contact us with any questions.

4:30-6 pm
“Reiki Tribe Feast & Drum Circle”

Potluck-2Drum CircleLet’s celebrate our Tribe AND the season this MONTH – What’s better then Reiki? Reiki, a great meal with your Tribe and a Drum Circle! We will be having a Pot Luck feast following the Share this month – then relax and have fun making some sound together! Please bring a potluck dish, homemade soup, some crusty bread, a fun appetizer, or tasty dessert! Please post what you will be bringing along with your response. All musical instruments welcome – many will be available to share. The Reiki Share and the festivities following are open to ALL!

If you have any questions, or would like to be added to our Reiki E-mail list for upcoming share dates – please contact us:
(267) 840-8003
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