Sacred Creations Series: Medicine Bag Workshop

Explore and learn how to craft your own beautiful leather medicine bag!

This workshop is a hands-on event where each participant will create a basic shaman medicine bag. A medicine bag is an ancient energy tool, once used only by the spiritual leaders and healers of a community. This is an introductory event open to everyone, for beginning or master levels. Our medicine bag workshop brings this ancient tool into our day-to-day life. We can use the medicine bag to draw to us the soul qualities we seek, to guide us, strengthen us, and to even give back.

Attendance at this workshop is $75. This includes all supplies and many ingredients for your medicine bag, many unique and fun items! Additional items such as crystals and rare items and add-ons will be available for purchase. You can also bring small personal items to add to your medicine bag, or you can change or add to your medicine bag later.