Space Clearing Workshop: Create your own Sacred Smudge Fan

Smudging is the sacred act of burning special herbs to create a cleansing smoke bath that is used to purify people, ceremonial tools/objects, your home, or healing space. In this hands-on workshop you will learn about the process of smudging as well as create a custom smudge blend and personal smudging feather.

There is no better way to energize the ritual of smudging and direct smudge for clearing self and sacred space than through the creation of your own smudging fan. You will learn about honoring the Winged People, select your own energy feathers and attach items that carry your own medicine. You are welcome to bring feathers and beads of your own. However, all feathers and materials to complete your smudging fan will be available at the workshop. It is a beautiful creative experience.  Also included in the cost of the workshop, you will receive a extra large White Sage stick, and other samples of smudging herbs and resins we review (total value over $30)Turkey Feather

Learn how to:
~ Spiritually cleanse your home and office from unwanted energies
~ Spiritually cleanse yourself and others
~ Use smudging to create sacred space for healing work
~ Use herbs to cleanse crystals and sacred items
~ Release old stagnant emotions and psychic clutter
~ Work with varieties of sages, sweet grass, palo santo, resins, and other sacred herbs.
~ Use sound to bless and clear space

$40 Pre-registration required. Space is limited to only 12 people.

Why this workshop may be for you…

  • If you are a highly-sensitive person and struggle to cope with the onslaught of energy around you, this workshop is a gentle but powerful way of learning how to manage your experience and feel strong and balanced no matter where you are.
  • If you’re interested in intuition, healing or subtle energy but believe you’re not “a natural” or can’t sense or feel anything, this training gives you the ability to work with energy and still be yourself! You don’t need any previous experience or special ability to excel with clearing.
  • If you work as a healer, intuitive, counselor or help people in any capacity, knowing how to space clear can revolutionize your work with clients.
  • If you already have a sophisticated understanding of the energy of spaces, this course takes your work to the next level. Many call it the most highly developed and heart-based way to bring balance to any environment.