Reiki Level 1 Class

Date: TBA

Learn the amazing power of Reiki! This certification qualifies you to work with clients, friends, family and especially YOURSELF!
Students explore energy from a practical and spiritual perspective with discussion, guidance, meditation, and hands-on practice. Receive a Reiki attunement from Valarie and Ian. Support, manual, and framed certificate all included.

$150 investment
Class is limited to 6 students

Preregistration is REQUIRED at least one week before.

The Art of the Pendulum

The pendulum, whether an elaborately carved piece of crystal on a chain or a ring on a piece of string, is one of the easiest ways to tuning into the intuitive powers we all possess but may find hard to trust. Learn basic insight into pendulums and how to make them work for you.

You will learn to determine vitamin and mineral requirements; find out what food suits you best; tap your intuitive and psychic powers; use it in assessment for alternative therapies – and much more. The pendulum is so simple, yet so versatile. Come to this workshop and open a new world of discovery. Not only is it recommended for those who have not used the pendulum before, and would like to learn, but this workshop will also be beneficial to those interested in the field of psychic development in general.

This workshop includes:

  • choosing a pendulum that is right for you
  • small meditation to enable you to bond with your pendulum
  • how to choose and work with crystals
  •  working through your chakras to help identify blockages

No experience required, just an open mind and heart!

Presented by Valarie Haag.

The $40 fee includes a pendulum that you choose and keep! ($25 value), Pendulum charts, and handouts.

TBA – Contact us if you are interested in us scheduling the class!

Sacred Creations Series: Medicine Bag Workshop

Explore and learn how to craft your own beautiful leather medicine bag!

This workshop is a hands-on event where each participant will create a basic shaman medicine bag. A medicine bag is an ancient energy tool, once used only by the spiritual leaders and healers of a community. This is an introductory event open to everyone, for beginning or master levels. Our medicine bag workshop brings this ancient tool into our day-to-day life. We can use the medicine bag to draw to us the soul qualities we seek, to guide us, strengthen us, and to even give back.

Attendance at this workshop is $75. This includes all supplies and many ingredients for your medicine bag, many unique and fun items! Additional items such as crystals and rare items and add-ons will be available for purchase. You can also bring small personal items to add to your medicine bag, or you can change or add to your medicine bag later.

Native American Flute 101

Learn to play the Native American Flute for Healing and Inner Peace!

The Native American flute has been reported to be the third oldest known musical instrument in the world.  Have you ever wanted to learn to play?

This is your opportunity to learn an instrument with which anyone can easily create beautiful music. This class can give you skills in playing music that can soothe the heart & soul and inspire your personal creativity. Playing the flute can help to make you aware of your breathing and assist in meditation.

Ian will teach you finger placement, various ways to use your breath, and will work with you to find your personal style and feeling.  He will also show you tips and tricks that he has learned over the many years that he has been working with it’s medicine.

$111 Registration INCLUDES A high-quality High Spirit “Little Hawk” Cedar flute (pictured above) that retails for $79, and an instructional DVD and Booklet!  Or upgrade your flute to a “Sparrow Hawk” in Aromatic Cedar for $155 total

As this is a hands-on workshop, numbers are strictly kept to a maximum of 6 participants to ensure individual attention. Children are welcome age 11 and up.  To secure your space, contact us at least one week before the class.





Quartz Crystal Journeying

Dive deep into the realms of your inner self and connect with the spirits of the mineral kingdom. Join us for a relaxing and healing evening as we journey into the heart of crystals. You will be led in guided meditations as the rhythms of the drum and rattle, and flute notes will help bring you into a trance like state to deepen your experience. Explore the clear and healing tones of quartz crystal singing bowls while we open ourselves to receive visions, messages and guidance from another level of our consciousness.|

Please bring any special QUARTZ crystals that want to come along to use, a selection will be available at for purchase should you not have any. Please wear comfortable clothing. A journal notebook and a bandana are encouraged as well as any comforts for the floor, such as blankets, pillows, etc.

Space is limited.  $25 per person or 2 for $40
Pre-registration is required for this special event.

Space Clearing Workshop: Create your own Sacred Smudge Fan

Smudging is the sacred act of burning special herbs to create a cleansing smoke bath that is used to purify people, ceremonial tools/objects, your home, or healing space. In this hands-on workshop you will learn about the process of smudging as well as create a custom smudge blend and personal smudging feather.

There is no better way to energize the ritual of smudging and direct smudge for clearing self and sacred space than through the creation of your own smudging fan. You will learn about honoring the Winged People, select your own energy feathers and attach items that carry your own medicine. You are welcome to bring feathers and beads of your own. However, all feathers and materials to complete your smudging fan will be available at the workshop. It is a beautiful creative experience.  Also included in the cost of the workshop, you will receive a extra large White Sage stick, and other samples of smudging herbs and resins we review (total value over $30)Turkey Feather

Learn how to:
~ Spiritually cleanse your home and office from unwanted energies
~ Spiritually cleanse yourself and others
~ Use smudging to create sacred space for healing work
~ Use herbs to cleanse crystals and sacred items
~ Release old stagnant emotions and psychic clutter
~ Work with varieties of sages, sweet grass, palo santo, resins, and other sacred herbs.
~ Use sound to bless and clear space

$40 Pre-registration required. Space is limited to only 12 people.

Why this workshop may be for you…

  • If you are a highly-sensitive person and struggle to cope with the onslaught of energy around you, this workshop is a gentle but powerful way of learning how to manage your experience and feel strong and balanced no matter where you are.
  • If you’re interested in intuition, healing or subtle energy but believe you’re not “a natural” or can’t sense or feel anything, this training gives you the ability to work with energy and still be yourself! You don’t need any previous experience or special ability to excel with clearing.
  • If you work as a healer, intuitive, counselor or help people in any capacity, knowing how to space clear can revolutionize your work with clients.
  • If you already have a sophisticated understanding of the energy of spaces, this course takes your work to the next level. Many call it the most highly developed and heart-based way to bring balance to any environment.

Yoga Soundscape: All Levels Asana with Live Native American Flute …led by Elle Kaplan and featuring Ian Haag


TBA in 2013

18 Swamp Road, Newtown
(3rd floor above Lastalla Restaurant)

Combine the beautiful flow of breath and movement in this all levels class led by Elle Kaplan and accompanied by Ian Haag’s soulful eloquence and passion on the Native American flute. The experience carries messages of harmony, peace and personal empowerment that will move with you through the many aspects of your life long after the class ends.
Cost: $20 Drop-in; $5 copay . with MUL or Class Card.
Register:  or 215-579-6130
*donation class will not be held these days

Elle Kaplan has been teaching yoga since the early 1990’s. Being a teacher at heart, she has a strong desire to share what she has learned over the years. Elle’s love and passion for yoga shine through as she gracefully guides her students to a place where they can explore body, mind and spirit, and step into their greatest potential. Elle is Yoga Alliance E-RYT and Reiki Level 3 certified, and has completed the Yogasphere Teacher Training and countless advanced teacher training curriculums. Since 2005, Elle has been studying with Seane Corn and is honored to assist Seane in workshops, intensives, and teacher trainings throughout the country. In June 2009, Elle became a co-owner of Yogasphere, a union which has allowed Elle’s creativity to blossom and continue to serve the community both on and off the mat.

Shamanic Sound Journey with Yoga

Location: Gratitude Yoga
7 Witherspoon Street Princeton, NJ 08542

Join Yogi Dayanand and Ian Haag for this intimate gathering as we use the medicine of Yoga and the Shamanic Flute to centralize our Pranic Currents, Cosmic Energy, and Life Force upwards through the energy grid of our body in an attempt to open up to the experience of Awakening. Enlightenment is not out of reach for any one of us. Come to enjoy the bliss of transformation and Ultimate freedom. Journey into pure bliss as Ian plays the Native American Flute and Yogi Dayanand provides you with an exciting, effective, safe and achievable experience of Yoga. Within the doing, beyond the physicality of Asana, arises a place of open receptivity to feel and be moved towards a state of complete relaxation – a state of nothingness.

This 2 hour experience is offered for a suggested donation of $15-$25.

Visit for more info.


Reiki Level I Training

Learn the amazing power of Reiki! This certification qualifies you to work with clients, friends, family and especially YOURSELF!
Students explore energy from a practical and spiritual perspective with discussion, guidance, meditation, and hands-on practice. Receive a Reiki attunement from Valarie and Ian. Support, manual, and framed certificate all included.

$150 investment
Class is limited to 6 students

Preregistration is REQUIRED at least one week before.



Gratitude Yoga is happy to host Yoga Tribe’s first Prayer-formance, a transformational journey through the use of Yoga and Sound Energy. This is a unique experience that you will not find anywhere!  Yogi Dayanand will guide you through a deep-releasing yogic journey combining the powerful poses and movements of surrender known as Ashtanga Yoga. Gemma will offer a reflective, awakening Yin yoga sequence. Following our yoga asana practice, Yoga Tribe will offer a journey through sound and energy.  Yoga Tribe’s sound and vibration specialists for this program will be:

Yogi Dayanand – Himalayan Singing bowls, Gongs, and Metalaphones, Vibrational Healing Power Duo Ian Haag – Native American Flute, and his amazing wife Valarie Haag –Full Chakra Journey using Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, and Percussive Power duo Vincent Smith and Karttikeya Arul– Various percussion instruments including the rarely experienced Hang Drum.
Tickets are limited so please register early.
Fee: $45 

You may pre-register at Graditude Yoga Studio, mail them a check, or use your credit card to register here:

For questions please contact Gemma at [email protected] or tel. 732 642 9721.