Conscious Parenting for Aware Kids Group

*This is a workshop and support group for children and parents that we co-founded and ran from 2010-2012. Presently the physical meetings are suspended, and we are looking for a person or group of interested people to assist in organizing and helping to host the meetings – please contact us if you are interested.  You can still find a ton of resources available on the website and also get in touch with the huge community on our Facebook Group – all found below.*

The children of the new millennium are here with abundant and amazing gifts. When not embraced by their peers and society at-large, the journey of both the child and their family can be scary, isolating and confusing.

Come connect with other parents and kids, meet like-minded friends, find answers and support for your phenomenal child, and realize you are not alone. We will hold a monthly group meeting with a topic of discussion with activities for both parents and children. This is a non-denominational program, open to All!

If you are not a parent, but still interested in participating, facilitating or helping please contact us! Visit the website for more info, resources, articles and more!!

For updated info please check us out on the Facebook Conscious Parenting for Aware Kids Group page: