Root Chakra ~ Black Tourmaline Journey

Download and experience an audio version of our Root Chakra ~ Black Tourmaline Journey! What better way to navigate this time right now, then to release and ground?!  The first stop on our Recorded Crystal Journeying Through the Chakras Series is the Root Chakra, which is associated with our survival, security, and ability to be grounded. Discover the foundation of your temple and find your anchor.  Journey with your own Black Tourmaline, or another similar stone!  We begin this recording with teachings about the Root Center and the mineral Black Tourmaline, followed by the guided journey full of beautiful and healing sounds all in the note of C, such as Crystal Singing bowls, Frame Drum, Native Flutes, Bells, and much more. If you are interested in the handout that we mention in the recording please email us and we would be happy to send it as a gift.

We want everyone to have access to this Meditation, so we are making this available on a sliding scale. Thank you for your donation at this time, we appreciate it beyond words.
* Please note: After purchasing the Download through Paypal, you will receive an email titled “Purchase Receipt”. In the body of the email you will see Root Chakra in blue. Click that hyperlink and you will be able to download the MP3 to your phone and/or PC. Please contact us of you have any questions or need assistance.