Healing & Classes for Kids!

Children can benefit from Reiki too!

Reiki is a holistic healing approach. It provides children of all ages an opportunity to learn about their true selves, their compassionate soul and their natural healing abilities. Reiki is empowering to all.

It connects each person to the life force energy and unconditional love that surrounds us. Reiki children are more confident, peaceful and happier in life. It eases children through the stresses of life‘s situations. They learn to trust their abilities and intuition. Reiki guides them to their highest potential.

For parents, you can share the bond of Reiki together with your child and offer support and love to them on their life journey. Empower your child and yourself now with Reiki!

Children’s sessions
Can last anywhere from 1/2 hour – 1 hour, and are done in the presence of a parent/guardian if the child wishes.

Our sessions are tailored to each individual child’s needs, physical issues, and energy level (Fidgety and hyperactive children are welcome too!).

We use energy games, sound, crystals, and play to help each child receive the most healing from each session.

Sessions are available for 30 minutes for $40 or $60 with both of us

We specialize in working with highly empathic and sensitive children, and Children on the Spectrum, with Autism, A.D.D., and A.D.H.D. We have had amazing results with children sleeping better, doing better in school, and feeling more connected to their bodies. Ask for references or testimonials from kids and parents!

Reiki can be a benefit to children in the following ways:
~ Reiki keeps children open as a natural channel

~ Reiki will allow any natural ability to flow through at the right time
~ Enhances relaxation & sleep
~ Improves concentration
~ Promotes creativity
~ Reiki encourages empathy, a feeling of connection to living things, plants, trees, animals that they will carry forward into their relationships with other people.
~ Encourages self awareness
~ Gives children a way to deal with the stresses of growing up
~Reiki is calming & balancing
~Reiki can help with specific emotional & physical issues but cannot replace consulting your doctor.

TESTIMONIAL (used with permission)

Client: Zachary Schwartz
Age: 5
Diagnosis: Autism

Zachary has been receiving healing treatments through a practice called Reiki. He has a session every couple of weeks by Valarie and Ian Haag. When I first started two years ago, Zachary’s language was very limited, he had little to no eye contact, no “real” expression of language, and no pretend play (unless it was “mirroring”), very limited diet and overall he seemed stuck inside of himself. He could not tell me about his day, engage in any conversation and he was suffering from extreme irrational fears.
Here’s what I know …from the very first visit his language increased on the way home. It was like he woke up. For the first year I was going once a week and every time we went something changed for the better. Again I’m just going on my experience but we’ve had a miracle.
Zachary’s latest visit at Hershey Medical left us with a diagnosis of a language delay and ADD…meaning he has evolved out of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Today I am continuing to see Valarie and Ian approximately every two weeks. He’s not completely out of the woods…but we have conversations, he engages in his own games of pretend play, expresses his frustrations instead of acting out in aggression, expresses affection like he understands, his fears are almost gone, and his eye contact is amazing.
I think this would be worth a try for any child that is on the Spectrum.

~ Danielle Schwartz

We also offer Children’s Classes!

Contact us or see Event Listings for an upcoming class!


“Magic Hands” – Children Level I Reiki Class


Magic Hands! Bringing together Reiki and the Young is a sure recipe for magic on Earth. In this workshop children will get in touch with subtle energy and learn simple methods of using Reiki. It is designed for those that march to their own beat and hear the sounds of all. We offer a nurturing, supportive atmosphere which allows them to explore their innate potential.

Children have a natural awareness of healing energy. They are very close to the flow of life. It is easy for them to learn Reiki. In this class we honor their unique perspectives and present Reiki in a way they can understand. An attunement will be offered during this workshop, the acceptance of which is entirely up to the child. The emphasis will be placed on experiencing Reiki and putting words and feelings to this experience through art, movement and sound. Most of all, they will meet other kids their age, have a lot of fun, and leave fully empowered to use Reiki in their life!

Children benefit from learning Reiki on many levels:

  • Reduces stress & anxiety
  • Boosts their immune system
  • The quality of their sleep improves
  • Kids focus better in school
  • Reiki enhances their interpersonal relationships

A parent is encouraged to attend the class with their child. They are also encouraged to learn Reiki themselves. Ask about the Parent/Child Combo discount and how the family unit can easily integrate the healing art of Reiki into everyday life!

Geared to kids 6 – 12 years old.

Course limited to 8 kids with 1 parent each.

Investment $50.00 first child, $40.00 each additional child.

Cost includes Reiki Kids Certificate, A Children’s Reiki Manual, and all craft materials.

There will be creative work and physical play; as such comfortable clothes are essential. Snacks and refreshments will be made available, please pack a light lunch.

Crystal Kids Playclass

The kids have spoken – they want a Crystal Class too!

Does your child/grandchild have an interest in Crystals?

Would they like to learn more about them, and meet other kids like them?

In this 2-hour playclass we will:
~ Review crystal basics, such as choosing, cleansing, and charging
~ Have interaction and experience with many types of crystals, stones, and meteorites
~Teach them how to identify crystals
~ Lead the children in fun activities and experiments with crystals

They will walk away inspired, excited and open to new experiences with the mineral kingdom!

Facilitated by Valarie & Ian Haag

Open to kids 6-12 years old

$25 per child – includes a tumbled stone of their choice and information packet

Conscious Parenting for Aware Kids Group

*This is a workshop and support group for children and parents that we co-founded and ran from 2010-2012. Presently the physical meetings are suspended, and we are looking for a person or group of interested people to assist in organizing and helping to host the meetings – please contact us if you are interested.  You can still find a ton of resources available on the website and also get in touch with the huge community on our Facebook Group – all found below.*

The children of the new millennium are here with abundant and amazing gifts. When not embraced by their peers and society at-large, the journey of both the child and their family can be scary, isolating and confusing.

Come connect with other parents and kids, meet like-minded friends, find answers and support for your phenomenal child, and realize you are not alone. We will hold a monthly group meeting with a topic of discussion with activities for both parents and children. This is a non-denominational program, open to All!

If you are not a parent, but still interested in participating, facilitating or helping please contact us! Visit the website for more info, resources, articles and more!! www.consciousparentingforawarekids.wordpress.com

For updated info please check us out on the Facebook Conscious Parenting for Aware Kids Group page: