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What is a Traditional Naturopath?

“Naturopathy is a philosophy which encompasses a view of life, a model for living a full life. The word naturopathy is a Latin-Greek hybrid which can be defined as ‘being close to or benefiting from nature.'” — Stewart Mitchell, Naturopathy: Understanding the Healing Power of Nature

A traditional naturopath specializes in wellness. That is to say, teaching clients how an application of a natural lifestyle can act to facilitate the body’s own natural healing and health building potential. The traditional naturopath does not undertake to “diagnose” or “treat diseases,” but rather recognizes that the majority of sub-health conditions are cumulative lifestyle effects, and that the underlying cause of what we call “disease” (or, “dis-ease”) is improper diet, unhealthy habits, and external environmental factors which cause biological imbalances leading to a weakening of the bodies’ natural defenses and subsequent breakdown in health. The practice of Traditional Naturopathy is not considered the practice of medicine and is currently legal in all 50 states.

Although the term “Naturopathy” originated in the late 19th century, the art can be traced back through Germany into Greece, to Hippocrates himself, and even beyond. There have always been people who understood that healing occurs naturally in the human body, if it is given what it truly needs — proper diet, pure water, fresh air, sunlight, exercise, and rest. For these people, the emphasis has not been on finding a disease and killing it, but rather on helping the body establish its own state of good health. Today, these people are known as Traditional Naturopaths. Traditional Naturopaths recognize that allopathic health care is, at times, necessary. They also know that many people can maintain good health through the use of naturopathy.

What does a Traditional Naturopath not do?

A Traditional naturopath avoids procedures common to medical care. Among them are: diagnosing disease, treating disease, prescribing drugs and pharmaceuticals, and performing invasive procedures. In determining the root cause of a client’s problems, Traditional Naturopaths do not diagnose or treat disease, but instead focus on health and education. They teach clients how to create an internal and an external environment that is conducive to good health, enabling the clients to make their own choices. Traditional naturopathy is not a medical practice. Major and minor surgery, prescribing drugs and pharmaceuticals, giving injections and drawing blood should be limited to medical doctors only and not performed within the scope of naturopathy.


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How Can I Help You?

Healing Power of Nature — There are powerful, natural healing mechanisms in the body and mind that maintain and restore health. We will work together to support and restore these inherent and powerful healing systems, using methods, natural medicines and techniques that are in harmony with natural processes.

First Do No Harm — Naturopathic practitioners prefer non-invasive treatments which minimize the risks of side effects. By recommending lifestyle activities that promote prevention of disease, I can help you to maximize your energy and strengthen your immune function.

Find the Cause — Naturopaths can often identify the underlying cause of disease in aspects of your diet, lifestyle, environment, or habits. This approach can help you eliminate the actual cause of disease instead of merely treating the symptoms.

A Person as a Whole— When the whole person is addressed, not just the symptoms, true healing can occur. Health comes from a complex interaction of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self. These include dietary, environmental, lifestyle and relationship factors.

A Naturopath is a Teacher — My role is to educate and empower you to actions that improve the quality of your life and health.

Preventive Approach — The Naturopathic approach to health is prevention. Together we will discover a lifestyle and diet that can provide you with principals specific to your unique body and needs for a long and healthy life.

Naturopathy and /or Counseling does not treat, diagnose or suggest disease. These Holistic Services are not meant to replace medical advice or treatment from a licensed medical doctor. Also, verify with your medical doctor or pharmacist before using supplements or following exercise suggestions.

Traditional Insurance plans do not cover services. Payment Plans are Available. Opened supplements and counseling fees are non-refundable. Payment is expected on the day of your appointment.



Testimonial (used with permission)
Before I sought out Valarie Haag’s consultation in April of 2008, I was totally stressed-out, my health was spiraling out of control, and I was desperate for help. At age 49, I was suffering from a host of health problems and symptoms. I had recurring bouts of bronchitis, sinus infection, allergies, yeast infection, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar, as well as swollen and stiff joints. I lacked energy and had a general sense of malaise. I needed continuous jolts of caffeine and six types of medication and pain killers to get me through the day.
When I decided to see Valarie I wasn’t sure what to expect, but she put me at ease. She listened without judging, she made me feel what I said really mattered. I find her approach refreshing because she allowed me to set the goals for my self, while she provided help and guidance. That way I felt in control, which eased the feeling of helplessness and desperation I experienced prior to seeking her consultation.  Valarie listened to me, guided, motivated and encouraged me to take full control of my own health. She counseled me on my diet, helped me with my supplements and introduced me to different ways to handle stress. She designed a plan that was tailor made for me to treat my whole being not just my symptoms. Through her guidance I was able to replace harmful habits with ones that are conducive to good health. I followed her recommendation to miraculous results. In just under one month of following her plan most of my symptoms disappeared. My blood test results improved. I have been weaned off of 4 of the medications that I had been taking (4 down 2 to go). Valarie continued to guide me and adjust my treatment plan as needed. Now after more than three months I feel better than I felt in a long time. For the first time in my adult life, and as far as I can remember, I survived the allergy season without one single allergy attack. I haven’t had any sinus infection, or bronchitis or bout of cold and most of all NO MORE ACHES AND PAINS. My cholesterol is lower and I no longer need medication, my blood sugar is tightly controlled , and I haven’t had any yeast breakout ever since. The added bonus is now I am 24 lbs lighter. I feel I am in control of my life and health, which is a heady feeling, indeed! It motivates me every day.
Deciding to visit Valarie’s office is one of the most important and life-saving decisions that I have ever made. I admire her compassion, open mindedness, and empathy. I would – and did- recommend Valarie to family and friends.
Valarie Haag, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have become a real partner in improving my health. You truly saved my life!! ~ N.S.