Power Animal Journey

CREATE your own Animal Shield!!

Each of the animals bring a special kind of love and medicine. Meeting your power animal is truly a transformational experience. Once you discover your power animal, you will have the most extraordinary companion. Whether you are on a healing path or facing challenges and or changes, your power animal can guide and help you gain insights in your life. Knowing your power animal will deepen your awareness and well being on both a physical and spiritual level.

This workshop focuses on connecting with the instinctive wisdom of our animal totems. Participants will be guided on a shamanic sound journey to meet and connect their power animal. We will then create a power animal shield. In doing so, we establish our relationship with our totem and are open to receiving their help.

$55 Registration also includes ALL supplies to make and craft your own Power Animal Shield to take home. Open to children and teens 11 and up too. Space is limited to only 15 participants.