The Art of the Pendulum

The pendulum, whether an elaborately carved piece of crystal on a chain or a ring on a piece of string, is one of the easiest ways to tuning into the intuitive powers we all possess but may find hard to trust. Learn basic insight into pendulums and how to make them work for you.

You will learn to determine vitamin and mineral requirements; find out what food suits you best; tap your intuitive and psychic powers; use it in assessment for alternative therapies – and much more. The pendulum is so simple, yet so versatile. Come to this workshop and open a new world of discovery. Not only is it recommended for those who have not used the pendulum before, and would like to learn, but this workshop will also be beneficial to those interested in the field of psychic development in general.

This workshop includes:

  • choosing a pendulum that is right for you
  • small meditation to enable you to bond with your pendulum
  • how to choose and work with crystals
  •  working through your chakras to help identify blockages

No experience required, just an open mind and heart!

Presented by Valarie Haag.

The $40 fee includes a pendulum that you choose and keep! ($25 value), Pendulum charts, and handouts.

TBA – Contact us if you are interested in us scheduling the class!