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Medicine Drum Making Workshop @ The Earthship at Silver Lake Park
Sep 29 @ 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Open to Adults and Children!
The drum is a part of native heritage from tribal cultures all over the world. This single sided drum is crafted using a wooden hoop or frame and a stretched rawhide head and lacing. Covered on only one side, the back is laced to form the symbol of a medicine wheel with the four cardinal directions that also serve as a hand hold. Great for drumming circles and meditation!

In this workshop you will be supplied everything you need to create your own frame drum and accompanying beater. While you are making your creations Valarie and Ian will teach you the care and feeding of your drum, as well as how to use them in healing and cleansing ceremonies.

We will begin with a Drum Journey to connect to the Heartbeat of the Drum, and then start the process of creating our drums and beaters.  After creating the drum, we’ll celebrate its birth with a special ceremony.  Birthing a drum is an intense process, one not easily forgotten. The drum face can later be painted with your Animal Totem or designs. You can also personalize the drum with beads and feathers to strengthen the connection with your drum. Create this medicine item outside in the Silverlake Park and inside the Earthship! More info HERE

Drum Class - 6-30-13 Dragonfly 2
Cost & Materials – options – Choose your drum:

$165 includes all materials for a 14″ diameter Maple Frame/Deer Hide drum and drum stick
$165 includes all materials for a 14″ diameter Maple Frame/Elk Hide drum and drum stick
$195 includes all materials for a 18″ diameter Maple Frame/Buffalo Hide drum and drum stick

All other materials will be provided and are included in the price of the workshop.
If you have some special beads or feathers which you’d like to decorate your drum you may also bring them. Also, please pack a lunch.

Registration: Class is limited to 15 students only. $50 deposit and registration is required by Wednesday, September 18th!



Selenite & Sound – A Meditative Journey @ Yoga Love
Oct 4 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Join us for a special Selenite Journey, awakening and connecting with the transformative and heightened energy of Selenite.  After learning more about the benefits and properties of Selenite, we will open up to this stone in a guided meditative Journey.  Each participate will receive a large Selenite wand (included in the registration) to journey with.   Intentions are played through pure Quartz Crystal Singing bowls, which activates the Selenite Crystals and anchors that vibration in your body and being.  Other sound healing instruments relax you into a space of peace and bliss.  Many diverse forms and shapes of Selenite will also be available to purchase.

Please note * Bring a yoga mat, blanket, and pillow or any comforts you will need to relax lying down on the floor.  You may also bring an eye covering and journal.

This Journey available by pre-registration only and very limited at 25 people.
$25 or $45 for 2 people.




Reiki Level 1 Training @ Rainbows of Healing
Oct 6 @ 11:00 am – 5:00 pm


ReikiHand glowLearn the amazing power of Reiki! This certification qualifies you to work with clients, friends, family and especially YOURSELF! Students explore energy from a practical and spiritual perspective with discussion, guidance, meditation, and hands-on practice. Receive a Reiki attunement from Valarie and Ian. Support, manual, and framed certificate all included.

$150 investment Class is limited to 6 students

Preregistration is REQUIRED at least one week before.

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Crown Chakra ~ Amethyst Journey @ Churchville Nature Center
Oct 18 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm




The final stop on our journey is the Crown Chakra, our enlightenment center associated with divine wisdom, peace and unity consciousness. Journey with a beautiful, natural Amethyst – which is included in the registration!  We begin with teachings about the Crown Chakra and the crystal Amethyst, followed by the guided journey full of beautiful and healing sounds all in the note of B, such as Crystal Singing bowls, Monochords, Gongs, Native Flutes, Bells, and much more.

Please wear comfortable clothing. There will be limited yoga mats, blankets, or pillows available for use – so please bring what ever comforts for the floor you will need.  A journal notebook and a eye cover are encouraged.

Pre-registration required for this special event. Space is limited and this event is expected to sell out quick – don’t wait to register!

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October’s Bucks County Reiki Share & “Honoring our Ancestory” Workshop @ The Peace Center
Oct 20 @ 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

rEIKI sHARE CIRCleThis is a great opportunity to meet and share your experiences with other Reiki practitioners in the area, and use your Reiki! Please feel free to invite any other Reiki Practitioners you know that are attuned to Level I and beyond. There is no charge for this sharing of energy; although donations are suggested for the Peace Center and snacks to share are always welcome. Please feel free to bring friends and family whom are not attuned, but would like to receive or experience Reiki.



JOIN US BEFORE AND/OR AFTER the Reiki Share each month!


This month:

12-1:30 pm
Honoring our 

Join Patricia for a special workshop before the Reiki Share that will bring us into a better understanding and connection with our ancestors. We will learn how to research family history online and when DNA kits are helpful. Patricia will be reviewing how scientific research supports honoring our ancestors. Take part in examples of ancestor honoring activities, from China and other places around the globe. We are grateful to have Patricia share her knowledge and experience with us, as she is a dedicated history and archaeology enthusiast.

Reiki Level 2 Practitioner Training Class @ Rainbows of Healing
Oct 22 @ 5:00 pm – Oct 24 @ 8:00 pm

Reiki green

2 Part Evening Class –  Tuesday, October 22nd & Thursday, October 24th
Both 5-8 pm

The Reiki Level II Attunement increases the amount of healing energy when treating the self and others, and focuses on emotional and mental healing. During this class, you will continue your Reiki training by learning the Usui Reiki symbols. You will also learn how to send Reiki to others who are not with you presently (Distance Reiki), learn to send Reiki energy to heal past events, and how to send Reiki to events in the future. The Reiki Level II Attunement opens your Reiki pathway, allowing more Reiki to easily flow through you. Upon completion of this course, you will be a certified Usui Reiki Level II Practitioner.

Class Description

  • Learn the symbols for Reiki treatments and practice using them in a session
  • Attunements to Reiki Level II
  • Learn how to do Distance Reiki
  • Learn how to send Reiki to past and future events
  • Reiki II techniques to use on yourself and others
  • Receive a Reiki II Manual
  • Receive a Reiki Level II Practitioner Certificate upon completion

This class is a combination of lecture, creative expression, discussion and experience. Practice time includes providing and receiving Reiki treatment with the use of symbols and distant healing, and discussion with homework.

Investment:  $250. Preregistration is REQUIRED 1 week before class.  A Deposit of $50 is required hold your space .  Balance due by class date. Space limited to only 6 students.

Reiki Level 1 Training @ Rainbows of Healing
Nov 10 @ 11:00 am – 5:00 pm


ReikiHand glowLearn the amazing power of Reiki! This certification qualifies you to work with clients, friends, family and especially YOURSELF! Students explore energy from a practical and spiritual perspective with discussion, guidance, meditation, and hands-on practice. Receive a Reiki attunement from Valarie and Ian. Support, manual, and framed certificate all included.

$150 investment Class is limited to 6 students

Preregistration is REQUIRED at least one week before.

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Reiki Level 3 – Advanced Practitioner Training @ Rainbows of Healing
Nov 12 @ 5:00 pm – Nov 14 @ 8:00 pm

reiki position

2-Part Evening Class
Tuesday, August 20th and Thursday, August 22nd – Both 5 – 8 pm

There are many students who would like to go as far as they can with their Reiki but have no desire to teach Reiki. For these reasons there is an intermediate stage between Second and Master Level.  Those that are interested in teaching this is the first step towards the next level of Master/Teacher, which is also available.

This class is an intensive program during which advanced theories and techniques of Reiki are taught. The student also receives a traditional Master’s initiation that has a dramatic affect on the students personal growth and life awareness.

In our advanced training you will learn about healing techniques and energy to help yourself and others.

  • Receive the Advanced Practitioner attunement which raises the vibrational frequency of the Reiki energy.
  • Experience and learn the Usui Master practitioner symbol, which increases the effectiveness of the other symbols and strengthens intuitive awareness of Divine guidance.
  • Learn to discern the subtle energies connected with the Reiki symbols, through a guided meditation that can help to strengthen the mind and expand consciousness.
  • Learn advanced techniques to facilitate goals and learn spiritual lessons.
  • Use Reiki to strengthen your light and raise the vibration of the collective creative consciousness to facilitate peace and healing.
  • Learn to create a special Reiki energy matrix in the form of a crystal grid, which continuously transmits healing energy for specific purposes.
  • Practice the aura clearing/energetic technique to assist in removing dense psychic energy from yourself and others.

$325 investment (payment plans available)

Pre-registration is REQUIRED and a deposit of $50 is required hold your space 1 week prior to class. Balance due by class date.

Space limited to only 6 students


11th Annual Holiday Open House @ Rainbows of Healing
Dec 7 @ 10:00 am – Dec 8 @ 2:00 pm


Saturday, December 7th AND Sunday, December 8th
10am -2 pm
To our 11th Annual Open House – Bring your family and friends!

~ Special holiday SALE pricing!
~ A surprise gift with each purchase
~ Pick up Gift Certificates – Take advantage of our Holiday Special!
~ Get a Raffle ticket just for stopping in! A 1-hr Gift Certificate to the lucky winner!
~ ALL NEW items in! Beautiful gift ideas!
~ Holiday refreshments
Looking for some unique gifts? Need some great stocking stuffers?
We have something for that someone special in all price ranges – Many under $5!
Our boutique offers a handpicked selection of:
  • Unique Healing Crystals – Points, Spheres, Tumbled and more!
  • Hand-made Jewelry by Valarie & Ian
  • Beautiful Crystal, Stone and Metaphysical Pendants and Earrings
  • Rose quartz, Salt, and Selenite Lamps
  • Huge selection of Native American Flutes
  • Tibetan & Crystal Singing Bowls
  • Frame Drums in many sizes
  • Incense, Sage, Sweet Grass, and Smudge Sticks
  • Rune Sets
  • Meditation and Reiki CDs
  • Natural Perfume oils
  • Pendulums


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