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Vibrational Energy Healing With Crystals

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Vibrational Energy Healing Session with Valarie

$105 for 1 full hour – includes:

~ Crystal layout and gridwork
~ Foot Reflexology with pure essential oils
~ Full Body Reiki energy healing
~ And an energy reading with feedback at the close

My Journey with Crystals


Like so many other important things in my spiritual path, my fascination with crystals can be traced back to early childhood. The beauty of each individual crystal awed me, and so I began collecting them. Through surrounding myself with them, I began to study and understand them – this lead me to incorporating them into my Reiki Sessions, and finding them extremely powerful in healing.

As the years have passed and my experience of different kinds of healing increased, and I now see the cosmic connection in all the many different varieties of vibrational healing – whether through color, sound or any other practice that understands that in order to heal holistically we need to see the human body in its entirety – mind, body and spirit, existing in divine balance and each one dependent on the healthy functioning of the next.

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