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Crystal Journeying Through the Chakras: A 7-Part Mediative Series


BRAND *NEW* Series – all NEW and different Minerals and new meditations starting in April 2024


7 Consecutive months!

Dates: NEW Series starts in April! The 2nd Friday every month through October
Time: 7:00 - 8:30 pm
Location: Silver Lake Nature Center, Bristol Pa

This 7-part series was designed for those who wish to deepen their spiritual path through the practice of activating, opening, and unblocking their chakras with the power of vibrational sound, while learning more about how they can integrate crystals in healing.
Beginning with the Root and moving up to the Crown Chakra, each month we will journey with a beautiful crystal suited to that particular energy center. We will use the healing power of crystal singing bowls, Himalayan bowls, gongs, Native American flutes, Monochords, and more to bring you to a place of deep meditation and healing.

You can choose to take the entire 7 Part Crystal Journeying Series, or take part in any that your would like offered each month – going all the through the chakras.


The schedule is as follows:

Discover the foundation of your temple and ways to find your anchor.
April 12th ~ Root Chakra

Dive into the waters and emotions freeing the flow of dynamic energy that is essential for transformation.
May 10th ~ Sacral Chakra

Dissolve the illusion of separateness and the needs of the ego.
June 14th ~ Solar Plexus Chakra

Open your heart to give and receive love, and feel a sense of wholeness with others and ourselves.
July 12th ~ Heart Chakra

Allow your voice to be your truth.
August 9th ~ Throat Chakra

In peeling away our illusions and external perceptions, we open up to our psychic abilities.
September 13th ~ Third Eye Chakra 

We close with the bridge to remembering that the Divine exists in us and in all things.
October 11th ~ Crown Chakra

Each of the 7 crystals that we use are included in the price of the workshop and are yours to keep!!! And they are not small tumbled stones, but larger palm pieces, so at the end of this wonderful workshop you will have a beautiful and complete set of chakra crystals! Revitalize yourself from within and live your highest potential – journey through your chakras and connect with the healing power and messages of the mineral kingdom!

REGISTRATION FOR EACH WORKSHOP CAN BE FOUND ON OUR UPCOMING EVENTS PAGE. They will be announced 1 month prior to the event. Keep a look out - they fill very quickly!


Please wear comfortable clothing. A journal notebook and an eye cover are encouraged.


Please bring along what comforts (such as a yoga mat, blanket, and pillow) you will need for the floor – there are none available at the venue.

What participants are saying…..Thank you to all those that offered a Testimonial for a past Series!

~The thought that goes through my head during a session with Val & Ian is “these two really know what they’re doing”! Between the chakra, crystal, & instrument education and the guided meditation with sound, the session is everything you want it to be! Then you are sent on your way with a perfect crystal specimen! Val & Ian exude such harmony and are well suited to practice their chosen modalities.

~I really loved this spiritual journey-the crystals, meditation and sound vibrations. I thought Val and Ian were authentic grounded people, which surely had an impact on the outcome of the experience. I would love to take this class again sometime, Thanks. Rhonda

~Val and Ian I love being around you both. Your energy and love is just beautiful. looking to see you guys shortly. Love from my heart. Helene Lyons

~I am so grateful to have experienced the 7- Part Chakra Journey. It has made my life so much more peaceful and relaxing. I am also happy that my husband experienced a few journeys with me. It has made us closer.

~I was told by a friend before I started the series that I would love working with Val and Ian, and she was 110% correct. The experience they create with their unique gifts allows for profound insights and healing on so many levels. I am so very grateful I gave myself the gift of the whole series.

~This was an awesome experience, the journey took me to places that I didn’t know existed in my own life.

~Upon entering the studio for our first in the series of meditations for the Crystal Journeying through the Chakras, it was readily apparent to me that Val and Ian have incredible gifts to share with the world. Their beautiful bond as partners is enhanced by their deep and thorough connection to the musical instruments and the crystals that surrounded them both. I have meditated for a long time, yet the magic that happens with Val’s beautifully crafted guided meditations and Ian’s immense gifts for the musical instruments that create sounds to carry us all deeply within to our own Spirit selves is truly a one of a kind experience. Except you get to experience this for all of the seven chakras! Their profound knowledge of the various crystals was a way for us to deepen our own knowledge, as we all received our own crystals for all of the seven chakras! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! May you know ease and grace as you continue to be Lightworkers guiding us all to find our own Divine Spark within!

~Overall, this was an awesome ritual and a great way for me to honor me.

~I would definately reccommend this series classes. I have definately felt a difference and a “balance” in my being. I know before the class a few of my chakras were blocked and my pendulum now says otherwise. My personal healing journey continues and it is a wonderful feeling!!!

~My experience with this journey has helped me to feel better about myself and the ability to cope with things in my life in a more positive way. Thank You!!!!

~This has been an amazing experience and was able to do the series with my husband. Individually great healing and openings have occurred , but also on a partnership level we have encountered blockages and moved thru them . Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for spiritual growth. I would like to do to the series again!

~Each journey was unique in it’s own, we each receive what WE need. It’s hard to put some to words since my message wouldn’t make sense to others. We’re all on a different journey and place in time. The next series I intend to get to those missed. Thank you so much.

~I took part in the entire series of chakra meditations. Each meditation was unique and special. It was delightful to learn more about sound healing and crystals. I enjoyed exploring the different chakras and discovering what healing was needed. I felt safe and comfortable guided by Val and Ian through the journey. I am so thankful to have had this beautiful experience. I am looking forward to doing the series again!!!

~I had no idea what this was going to be like. It turned out to be just what I needed and each month I looked forward to each new experience. I love how you share information and talk with us before and after. I was amazed at what others experienced!! I also love that I am in a room with people who enjoy doing something like this 🙂 I am loving each and every experience. Thank YOU Val and Ian for enhancing my life every time I am in your presence. Namaste

~The 7-part Crystal Journey was an incredible experience for me. Both Valarie and Ian create such a great atmosphere for a wonderful and effective experience each time.

~I really enjoyed this experience, combining not just the beautiful gemstones but meditation and healing sounds. It was relaxing as well as inspiring.

~I am indeed blessed on many levels and very, very grateful. I feel that I gained more insight and awareness from having participate in the series. Thank you Val and Ian