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Usui Reiki Training


*UPDATE* All Reiki Classes are on pause. Interested in a training? Please contact us – we will add you to the list of interested students and contact you when we begin training. 

LEARN REIKI! – the fastest growing complementary/alternative health practice around the world.  Learn Reiki and become a healing practitioner for yourself and others!

Valarie & Ian were first attuned to Reiki when they were 18 years old and they have been practicing for well over half their lives now.  They began teaching in 2001 after apprenticeship with their Reiki Master Barbara Livingstone, who was taught by Beth Grey, who was a student of Hawayo Takata. They carry their linage with honor and purity, teaching traditional Usui Reiki.  They have attuned hundreds of students.  When you train with them you have the unique ability of having two teachers and being attuned by them both.  They also are able to pull upon and share countless Reiki experiences since they practice full time.  Each class includes a manual and a framed certificate, along with unconditional ongoing support.


We offer training for all four Degrees/Levels of Reiki.
• Reiki Level One
• Reiki Level Two – Practitioner
• Reiki Level Three – Advanced Practitioner
• Reiki Master/Teacher

We advocate that initiates leave reasonable periods of time between doing the four different levels of Reiki. There are many Reiki Masters who will give Reiki 1, 2 and 3 attunements to people over a very short period of time but we believe that this is unwise for most people. The Reiki attunements can have a powerful effect on people and generally they need a period between attunements for the different aspects of their consciousness to adjust to and assimilate the new energies – and practice! We have found this to be especially true at Second Degree Reiki and at Reiki Master/Teacher.

The amount of training that Reiki initiates gets at each level of Reiki varies considerably between Reiki Teachers but we like to give comprehensive training along with each Reiki level so that Reiki healers can fully engage with Reiki and with various aspects of healing. We trust that people who feel that they want to learn Reiki are being guided to do so and will be guided to the right Reiki Teacher for them. If you feel that you should learn Reiki, then trust that it is right for you and that you will be divinely guided to the right teacher. For some people this may be the start or a part of a conscious spiritual journey and we find that Reiki is an extremely wise thing to do for people on such a journey. Learning about and healing the self with Reiki can bring insight into the working of the soul and physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of human consciousness that help us to understand ourselves to and help others. We each come into a life with varying amounts of issues that require attention and healing. For most of us, finding out about ourselves, healing old pain and getting rid of fears is an on-going process that happens gradually. The Reiki First Degree attunement, together with determined attention upon self-healing will help to bring those issues to light, to heal them, making us healthier and happier than ever before.

First Degree Reiki (Reiki Level 1 Training) Offered every month as a 6 hour class on a weekend day – limited to 6 students.
We will teach First Degree Reiki to anyone who has a sincere wish to learn Reiki. Just having the attunement will open people to divine energies whether or not they consciously use the energies for healing. Some of those who have had Reiki 1 stay there and others may continue to use it and progress to further levels. It is not for us to know how people’s journeys will unfold but our commitment as Reiki teachers is to teach those who are guided to us and to teach them as we see best. We think that it’s a good idea that Reiki First Degree initiates focus upon healing themselves and practice healing others with friends and family. We find that Reiki First Degree healers are not usually ready for professional practice and that it can take some time to get used to the Reiki energies and to giving Reiki healing treatments. Through embracing a journey of self-healing and self-discovery Reiki First Degree healers gain confidence and their healing becomes stronger. In this class you will learn all about how Reiki works, what it can be used for, and how to use it.  We spend time practicing and showing you how to use it on yourself and others.

Second Degree Reiki (Reiki Level 2 Practitioner Training) Offered about every 2 months as two 3 hour classes in the evening – limited to 6 students.
At Reiki Second Degree the initiate receives another attunement which considerably increases the power of their healing. You are attuned to 3 Reiki symbols – The Power Symbol, Mental/Emotional Symbol, and Distance Symbol. The Reiki 2 healer is given much more versatility in their healing; it may be sent to anywhere at a distance, and into the past and the future and initiates learn to use Reiki in every aspect of their lives and learn to use 3 the sacred Reiki symbols in their healing. We also teach students how to set up and use a Distance Healing Crystal Grid.
Before giving a Reiki 2 initiation we require that people have made a continued effort in their self-healing and channeling of Reiki energy. We would like the Reiki 2 initiate to show that they have practiced healing on friends and family and have embraced the Reiki healing system and energies. We also require that Reiki 2 trainees are sincere in their wishes to use Reiki healing to heal others. We train Second Degree Reiki healers to a standard whereby they are confident and proficient enough for professional practice although a small proportion of trainees will choose to do this. Many students choose to use the Distance Reiki Healing techniques as their main way of working with Reiki, and that is fine too.

Third Degree Reiki (Reiki Level 3 Advanced Practitioner) Offered about every 3 months as two 3 hour classes in the evening – limited to 6 students.
There are some students that know they want to pass attunements and teach eventually, and this is the next step in that training to become a Reiki Master. Others want to take their training as far as they can, but have no desire to teach, this level is for them as well. Students are attuned to the Master Symbol and learn advanced techniques to send Distance Reiki, Meditations, and using it in formalized sessions. Before taking this class you must complete case studies and have sufficient practice and experience in using Reiki for yourself and others.

Reiki Master/Teacher Training Offered on request – limited mostly to private training or a maximum small group of 3.
The Reiki Master/Teacher attunement enables the initiate to attune others for Reiki 1, 2, 3 and Reiki Master/Teacher. The Reiki Master initiation is for those who have shown a commitment to Reiki healing and to their own spiritual development and that of others. Whereas there are those who may have the level 1 initiation and then may or may not practice Reiki, this should not happen at Reiki Master/Teacher. It is an affirmation that the initiate wishes to lead by example in the field of Reiki healing and to teach others. It is a step that is taken after careful consideration and with a deep sense of reverence for and commitment to the Reiki healing system. This level is done in private trainings that span 6 months – 1 year or more. We typically teach one part of the training each month and add to it until the student feels ready to teach. This level is always customized to the needs of each individual student.

Please contact with any questions you may have, or if you don’t see a class scheduled and are interested in a training.

See our upcoming classes page for scheduled trainings